ROD 07 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 07

Elektro Jazz

Martin Lejeune (git,electronics)Ulli Jünemann(as,ss,ts,cl,fl) Christoph May (as,ts,bcl,cl,fl) Georg Maus (trb,tuba,btrb) Thomas Siffling (tp,flgh) Ulf Kleiner (fender rhodes, beat box) Jens Loh (bs) Golo Maichel (dr) recorded 2002
All The Dings
Tico Tico
Euro Funken Beatz
A New Job
Hysteric Trash Polka

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Electro-Jazz for chillin‘ and dancing. A great mix of groove, sophisticated arrangements and energetic solos. Praised by JAZZ thing (September 2003): "Mixing electronic music with handmade jazz is nothing new. But the way in which it is done here really works and it is a lot of fun: careful and with a lot of humour, witty and yet ready for taking risks, they mix their analogue jazzband with beats and sounds from the sampler while preserving the dynamics of a live-performance." If you like their music you should also check out other albums by these great young musicians, such as "couch ensemble" with bass player Jens Loh (JAZZ’n’ARTS RECORDS 1503), which was nominated for "Best jazz album 2003" by the association of German music critics, or the new trio CD of trumpet player Thomas Siffling (JAZZ’n’ARTS RECORDS 2504). Pianist Ulf Kleiner can also be heard on saxophon player Frank Spaniol’s great album "acoustic jazz" (RODENSTEIN RECORDS ROD 11).