ROD 14 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 14

Lautlos Acoustic Jazz Trio
Perdido en México

Michael Schuh, Trompete/Flügelhorn Olaf Schneider, Piano Alex Morsey, Kontrabass live recorded October 2003
North Bay Road
Perdido en México
Fairy Tale
Valse des succulentes
Unknown Lady
2 Before C.
Nieve y Heladas
43° West
Sail Away


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Lautlos - "without a sound" The music of "lautlos" makes an immediate impression by using the beauty of the sound of acoustic instruments. The trio with its unusual instrumentation of trumpet, piano and double bass but without drums turns three strong individual voices into a compact union of sound and rhythm. The musicians feel at home within the melodic Jazz-idiom of our time, linking wide melodic arcs with interesting harmonies and a soft, but firm groove. The improvisations of "lautlos" merge in a convincing listening experience of individual design and dynamic sound. Ack van Rooyen: “I like it when young musicians take on the challenge of playing their music acoustically with an inside feeling of time. The compositions are interesting and contemporary and very well played by Michael, Olaf and Alex.”