ROD 15 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 15

With A Bit Of Your Love

Misha(leadvocals) Pavel Panfilov (piano) Pavel Korchagin (bass) Vitali Igonin (drums) Gotschar Temirdjanov (alt sax.) Elena Grigoreva, Paulina Kasianova, Maria Rudenko (back vocals) recorded 2004
Tough Decisions
With A Bit Of Your Love
Sceptic In Spain
Take Your Time
Breakfast On The Quay
The island
Five Minutes
On Grief


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What happens when a German singer-songwriter living in Moscow teams up with a lyricist who writes in English? You could call it Expatriate Jazz: Songs that are thoughtful, sophisticated, and expressive. A clear, supple voice with a wide stylistic range, in turns playful and in-your-face, tender and vulnerable, cool and detached, but always expressive and emotive. A band of up-and-coming, highly accomplished session musicians from Moscow. Music that defies easy classification. Arranged for piano, bass, and drums, it owes a lot to traditional Jazz, but the composer does not copy anyone else’s style: instead, she creates her own – one that is inventive, very personal, and unique. In short, a remarkable album.