ROD 51 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 51

Tim Pfau
this is blue
Sky In BLue
Right Sight
As A Dream
Before The Dawn
Changes Now
Slow Motion Man
Boogie Tim(e)
Talk To You
This Is Blue
New Born
Said And Done
New World
Old And So Fine
Rain and Sun
Broken City


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Guitar player and educator Tim Pfau presents a wide range of BluesRock compositions on his debut CD as a „band leader“ (he played ALL instruments himself). He is inspired by the „singing sound of the 60‘s and 70‘s“and the melodic guitar style of Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Larry Carlton and John Scofield.
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more about the musicians
Tim Pfau played in many well-known bands in the 70s but then decided to go into the teaching field: he founded the jazz and rock department in the Mannheim music school and devoted himself to help other talents. Although he was always continuing to compose and produce Blues, Jazz, Rock and Latin titles in his own studio, he waited until his retirement to publish his first CD as a „band leader“ - as a starting point for the next phase in his musical life.