ROD 57 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 57

Allen Blairman
Blue and Sentimental

Allen Blairman (drums, vocals, programming)
Olaf Schönborn (saxophone, keyboards)
Can You Bebop (Blue and Sentimental)
Fish out of Water
Till You See the Sun Shining Bright
Come Dance to the Master of Time
Can You Bebop (New Version 2016)

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Allen Blairman is not just an incredible drummer (who played a.o with Albert Ayler, Roland Kirk, Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker) but also arranger and composer. For many years he wanted to do an album with his original tunes. This CD features five of his own songs, with Allen also doing all the vocals and programming of the beats and Olaf Schönborn playing saxophone and keyboards. Five songs, five stories in wonderful flowing grooves.