Rodenstein Records   ROD 26

Big Brazz Pack
Crime Time

recorded 2005
Streets of San Francisco
The Godfahter (Love Theme)
Theme from Magnum P.I.
Kommissar Maigret (TFM)
Starsky & Hutch (TV Series)
Jawohl meine Herr´n
Hawaii Five 0
Pater Brown

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Some of the most famous crime movie themes in great new bigband arrangements
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more about the music
“BIG BRAZZ PACK “! This great new big band which appeared on the German jazz scene in spring 2004 was founded by trombonist and arranger Chris Perschke. The band members are all professional musicians out of Frankfurt’s Rhein-Main area. “Crime Time“ released in November 2005 is their second CD. The arrangers of the band (Chris Perschke, Martin S. Schmitt, Michael Schlöder und Jens Hunstein) picked up a bundle of the best-known Cop Tunes like “Streets from San Francisco“, “Hawaii Five-O“ or “Magnum P.I“. Tunes everybody knows – yet tunes that you have never heard like that. And here’s where the sound of a big band meets swing and funky grooves of a hammond organ, and where intricate, dynamic horn lines lay the foundation for outstanding soloists. But this CD from “BIG BRAZZ PACK” is not only a collection of Cop Tunes, it’s also a great showcase of American Big Band-music! Listen to more of the BIG BRAZZ PACK on their first album “Santa Claus is jammin’ into town” (RODENSTEIN RECORDS ROD 18).