ROD 54 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 54

Trio Variety
Melody, Rhythm & Bass

Allen Blairman (drums)
Mario Fadani (bass)
Olaf Schönborn (Sax)
Softly as in a morning sunrise
If I were a bell
I get a kick out of you
Come home baby
Afro Blue
S'Wonderful (40's mix)

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This trio is shaped by the energy of Allen Blairman, the melodic ideas of Olaf Schönborn and the ground basis of Mario Fadani. As the name suggests the band book covers a wide field from swing standards, to latin classics as well as pop songs. The trio approaches each song in a spontaneous, different way with the joy of improvisation. For more than 20 years they have been performing together live and on 3 CDs.
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more about the music
For more than 15 years „Trio Variety“ has been touring all over Europe - but somehow they never got together in a recording studio. There are, however, many recordings done live in their practice room, a former chicken shack out in the fields (remember Jimmy Smith?) and in Allen Blairman‘s living room. Some of these will be published here in a series of CDs giving you an intimate live experience of the trio‘s energy , their groove and the spontaneity in their improvisation . As the band name suggests, Trio Variety is crossing all the stylistical boundaries: from swing to funk and soul, from beautiful standards to unknown treasures and pop songs, from straight ahead to open and free. Come along on their musical journey - all you need is an open mind! Enjoy!

more about the musicians
Allen Blairman
He started his career as professional musicians more than 50 years ago (in 1955!) in Pittsburgh, has played with almost all of the jazz greats from Jimmy Smith to George Benson, from Roland Kirk to Dexter Gordon, from Chet Baker to Karl Berger, from Mal Waldron to Albert Ayler whose famous last recordings with him at the „Fondation Maeght“ were just re-released.

Mario Fadani
On bass is Mario Fadani, one of the most requested bass players from the Rhein-Main area, playing in various styles from jazz, klezmer, psychedelic rock but also cabaret and musicals

Olaf Schönborn
He also has a trio with Allen Blairman and tap dancer Kurt Albert called Melody, Rhythm and Tap has played with Blairman on countless projects within the last fifteen years and recorded a great groovin’ organ trio CD with him: BLAIRMAN / SCHÖNBORN / SIMPSON (Rodenstein Records ROD 24). He is one of the founders of RODENSTEIN RECORDS . Schönborn has released several highly acclaimed CDs with his original music, e.g. with his acoustic quartet „OLAF SCHÖNBORN’S Q4: Radio Jazz “ (Jazz’n’Arts JnA 3808), his modern jazz quintet CHANGES (JnA 0100), his fusion band FRIDGE PEOPLE (ROD 29), with Brasilian music (COCADA, ROD 40) , a worldmusic ensemble featuring Chinese Erhu -virtuoso Xiaomei Deng (ROD K02) but also with bigbands, soul-and rap groups up to experimental jazz: HOFMANN / SCHÖNBORN / Wangenheim: INSIDE – which was recorded INSIDE a nuclear reactor! (ROD 27).

He also has a trio with Allen Blairman and tap dancer Kurt Albert called Melody, Rhythm and Tap