ROD 11 

Rodenstein Records   ROD 11

Frank Spaniol Quartett
Acoustic Jazz

Frank Spaniol(ts,ss) Ulf Kleiner (p) Markus Bodenseh (bs) Sebastian Merk (dr) recorded 2002
Hydra Hype
For Grover
We Love It
Lost Highway
The Outer Line


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Frank Spaniol, also saxophone player of the band DEPHAZZ, proves on his debut as a leader that you can create a contemporary sound full of ideas and groove even without the use of electronics. He is supported by some of Germany’s finest young players, such as drummer Sebastian Merk and Markus Bodenseh – who joined him also in the group "Polyphonix" on their CD "Alarm" (JAZZ’n’ARTS RECORDS 0200) and by pianist Ulf Kleiner who was also the other half of his “Diethelm Duo”.